Thursday, 19 October 2017

Question time 199 resolved.

As usual

Mit from Takaka has provided sufficient detail to receive the chocolate fish.

The aircraft in question is the Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-DJI.

See seperate post on this aircraft.

Piper PA-28-140 ZK-DJI

The Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee c/n 28-22537 popped up on the Australian register as VH-PWA1 on 17-04-1967 with Westaviation Pty Ltd of Jandakot, West Australia.
By 01-11-1967 it was listed with A J Mullins of Perth.
It departed Perth on 04-12-1972 and ferried across to New Zealand and became ZK-DJI on 16-01-1973 with the same owner -  A J (Jim) Mullins, of Christchurch.
Above we see it at Christchurch on 26-04-1973 still wearing is Jim Mullins Performance Tuning signage from Belmont West Australia.
Now two views of it outside the Wellington Aero Club's clubhouse and Ivan East's maintenance shop on 20-09-1973.
Below is a photo from Allan Wooller showing it at an airshow at Tauranga in March 1975.
ZK-DJI was sold to WKG (Graham) and E C (Ena) Monk *of Rotorua from 09-04-1975.
CMM captured it at Invercargill in June of 1976 with a change of colour and wearing the Kittyhawk/AOPA badge on the rear of the fuselage.
Below Allan Wooller captured it at Paraparaumu at another (Airwomans ?) gathering in March of 1977.
By 17-05-1988 we have another scheme - back to red again - as seen at Christchurch.
Four Seasons Tours of Ashburton became the owners from 24-05-1988 and it received another paint job as seen at Ashburton on 21-12-1989, with I presume temporary registration markings.
Ownership and then passed to G L Stewart of Paihia from 27-08-1990;
to M H McLeod of Raumati on 05-04-1991;
and then to Hanmer Alpine Air Ltd from 28-10-1994
Here we have two shots of it as seen at Christchurch on 05-11-1994.
Can anyone shed light on the Scotsman below ?
The Robinson Roswell Syndicate of Christchurch were listed as owners on 12-04-1995,
and then from 13-03-1998 Ena Monk of Rotorua re-acquired it and applied the 'garter' to the port undercarriage fairing and added the name 'Cherie'. 
It was  noted (below) for sale at Dennis Thompson International at Ardmore by Keith Morris on 30-12-2013
As from 23-01-2014 it has been in the caring hands of Pauline Hogue and David King and based at Alexandra Airport.
It still carries the name "Cherie" on the starboard side.
Above we see her at Pukaki (Twizel) on 01-06-2014.
And below at Alexandra on 14-11-2015.
Finally below we see the 'garter' on the port undercarriage leg.
As seen in 'Question time 199'.
* Ena learned to fly in the 1950's and became a life member of the Rotorua Aero Club.
She was a founding member of the New Zealand Association of Woman in Aviation (NZAWA) in 1959.
She also helped found the Rotorua Gliding Club with her husband Graham (and others) and was a tow pilot.
I also believe Ena was a respectable potter.
Check out ENA at the Rotorua NZAWA 2007 event  Here
For more info on the NZAWA go Here.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Gliding Shots from the Nelson Lakes from Andy Heap

The links below should lead you to some footage taken by Andy Heap. 

The first one is whilst Andy is driving the Nelson Lakes Gliding Clubs Rolladen- Schneider LS4a ZK-GCX2.
The second is a collection of views of various gliders including ZK-GFM, ZK-GMZ, ZK-GBC, ZK-GCX. ZK-GKW, ZK-GMJ, ZK-GAJ, ZK-GOZ, ZK-GTH, ZK-GID and ZK-GKG
The third clip is taken from the cockpit of the Ka6 ZK-GFM. 
You may spot Andy on the hill at around the 2:00 minute mark.

If you are lucky the three clips will follow on automatically on youtube. 
Failing that  - click on each link.

Good habit there Andy of keeping some pressure on the airbrake lever - we don't want them popping wide open in the turbulence when that close to the hill/ridge line now - do we.

Remos G3NZ Mirages of New Zealand

The next type of sport aircraft to come along in 2005 was the Remos G3 Mirage of which we have had two registered.

The Remos G3 was designed in Germany by Lorenz Kreitmeyer and the prototype first flew in 1997.  It is of mainly carbon fibre construction and was built by Remos AG at Pasewalk (which is in the North East of Germany near the Polish border), as a kit or a ready to fly aircraft.  It has a pod and tailboom fuselage for efficient aerodynamics and is one of a group of similar light sport aircraft that appeared from various European countries in the late 1990s/early 2000s.  It has been superceded by the Remos GX which is an essentially similar aircraft.

Specifications (for the newer GX model) are: length 6.48 metres (21 feet 3 inches) and wingspan of 9.30 metres (30 feet 6 inches) with a wing area of 118 square feet.  Empty weight is around 320 Kg (705 pounds) and MAUW is 544 Kg (1,200 pounds).  The engine is a Rotax 912ULS of 100 HP which gives a cruise speed of around 107 knots (123 mph), and the stall speed with full flaps is 38 knots (44 mph).

As I said above, we have had two Remos G3NZs (I think the NZ denoted a New Zealand model but I don't know if or how it was different).

Our first Remos G3NZ ZK-REM2 (c/n 0155) was imported by the local agent Ivan Strathern of Hamilton and was first registered to him on 22/3/05.  It is photo'd above at the 2006 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga, on 5/2/06.  On 12/1/08 it was registered to Ivan Strathern's company Sport Aviation Imports Ltd of Hamilton, and on 21/11/14 ownership changed to John S Wilson of Hamilton who I understand bases the aircraft at Horotiu.

And our second Remos G3NZ ZK-PRH (c/n 228) also lives in the Waikato, being registered to Philip R Hart of Huntly on 13/2/08.  It is photo'd above at a flyin at Parakai on 1/3/09.

A shot of the underside on departure from Parakai showing the pod and boom fuselage.

I don't think we are likely to see any more Remos's in New Zealand as I think they are quite expensive.

Monday, 16 October 2017

New Zealand Connection to 2017 Red Bull Air Race Champion

The final round of the Red Bull Air Race series was held over the weekend of 14 - 15 October at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in America.  The winner and overall series champion was Yoshi Muroya from Japan.  You can see some great video of the finals at

Yoshi's plane, Race No #31, is an Edge 540 Version 3 with a cut down canopy, N31YM.

But there is excitement in New Zealand because Yoshi's long time crew chief is Rob Fry who owns several aircraft here and has just sold his Sukhoi Su 29 ZK-SUK to a South Island owner.  

Back in December 2009 Yoshi bought his earlier Edge 540 N19ZE to Rob Fry's North Shore hangar for fettling after the 2009 Red Bull Air Race season, and I was amazed to see it one Saturday up there.  The link to my post at that time is:

Congratulations Yoshi and Rob and your team!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Around Auckland

A visit to Ardmore today revealed the Hughes 369FF ZK-HIP wearing HeliNorth titling, while over at the Ardmore Flying School two more of the Cessna 172R fleet have been converted to diesel power, ZK-TAP and ZK-UAT,  joining ZK-TAQ featured earlier on this blog.

Down at Mechanics Bay was the Helilink AS350B2 ZK-HJZ,  which hasnt featured before here.

Heletranz Base at Rosedale Road, North Shore

During the week I was passing the Heletranz heliport at Rosedale Road with the grandson's so it would have been rude not to call in and show them some helicopters (You can see that they enjoyed it!).  There were quite a variety to see, all owned by Heletranz:

The Heletranz hangar has been extended and in in the shape of an L with their offices inside the L.  Above is the new addition with its own separate door.

Robinson R 44 Raven II ZK-HRU2 has been owned by Heletranz since 10/4/15.  I think it is the first time it has been posted on the blog.

Also in the hangar was Eurocopter EC 130 B4 ZK-HBZ4 which was first registered to the company on 31/8/16.

Outside being cleaned was Eurocopter AS 355 F2 Twin Squirrel ZK-HFS4 which has been with the company since 5/8/13 but which is recorded as having a change of paint scheme on 20/9/16.  (What is the story with recorded changes of paint scheme with an aircraft that shows the registration?).

And also outside was their executive Agusta A109S ZK-HBH6.  (That's a lot of ZK-HBHs!).  This was first registered to Heletranz on 20/10/15.

Also in the hangar were Bell 427 ZK-IRP and R 44 Raven II ZK-IHE2, plus a Robinson R 22 that I did not identify.  That is quite a fleet!

Saturday, 14 October 2017


A spell of settled weather  has increased the visitor numbers to Pauanui and these included R44 ZK-HPO from Warkworth,  the first visit of the "new" ZK-MEL as a RV7A,  and Tecnam Astore ZK-MSV from Te Awamutu.

Question time # 199

It has been a while since I gave away a chocolate fish :-

So - who's lovely leg is this then ?

We need to know the aircraft type.

The Registration.

Who added the artwork ?

en ?

Friday, 13 October 2017

ZK-IGF's new colour scheme.

Returning to Christchurch yesterday from a major repaint at Washdyke was the Garden City Helicopters Ltd's Eurocopter EC 130 B4 ZK-IGF (c/n 4228).
It was imported from Japan where it operated as JA17MB from April 2007 until cancelled on 11-05-2017 for export to NZ. It joined our register on 26-07-2017.
See the earlier posts on  Here
I note it does not wear the Garden City Helicopters graphics as it did whilst still in its earlier ex Japanese colour scheme . 
But it does have 'Operated by GCH Aviation' below the door in smallish letters.

North Shore Aero Club Stuff

A couple of North Shore Aero Club aircraft were noted recently:

Robin R 2120U ZK-TZG has now been repainted in the Club's colours.

This makes four Robins in the new scheme; ZK-TZG, TZH, TZJ and TZK.  I guess that their fifth Robin ZK-UWZ will follow along in time.  (The club originally had another Robin R 2120U ZK-TZI but it crashed in the Southern Alps in August 2007).

And the clubs Tecnam P 2008 ZK-WIP was out flying on 7/10/17.  This is the first time I have seen it in action since its arrival in February 2017.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Cessna Cardinal ZK-DJL

The Cessna 177RG Cardinal N1931Q (c/n 177RG0331) arrived at Ports of Auckland aboard the near new container ship Austral Ensign on 13-04-1973.
It was registered to Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd at Ardmore on 17-04-1973 as ZK-DJL and it first flew in NZ on 13-06-1973 and gained its NZ CofA the following day.
On the 21st it was listed to W Lysaght of Auckland (of Rex Flying School if memory serves).
Two views of her at Wellington 04-07-1973

Parked outside the Canterbury Aero Club facility at Harewood in August 1973 - thanks to CMM.
Noted above at Hamilton on 13-11-1973
Above photo from Allan Wooller taken in July 1974.
It suffered an engine failure  on 22-06-1975 strucking a hedge during a force landed near Hamilton  
Its registration was cancelled on 01-07-1975 and it went into storage.
It was rebuilt under the watchful eye of Paul Muller at New Plymouth using the imported fuselage of  the damaged N1754H (c/n 177RG0748).
Now N1754H had an oil pump failure on 18-07-1980 resulting in No1 and No 3 con rods letting go. During the ensuing forced landing into the Santa Ana Golf  Course it over shoot the fairway into trees. 
As a result of damage it was cancelled from the US register on 19-06-1981.
 Above is the fuselage of N1754H morphing into ZK-DJL as seen at New Plymouth on 25-10-1984.
 And above - getting there slowly - at New Plymouth on 28-12-1985.
Above as noted on 07-03-1986 - the day before its first flight after its rebuild.
 It was then re-registered on 25-03-1986 to Brook Jolly of New Plymouth.
It had a forced landing on  Bell Block Beach on 01-10-1987.
J Wilkinson of Carterton took it over from 21-11-1990,
followed by N W (Bill) Izard of Masterton from 19-11-1993.
Thomas Brien of Albany took it on from 23-05-1994.
I believe it then spent a time period at Nandi, Fiji.

Peter Morris Trust of Auckland from 13-04-2005.
Below it was noted recently at North Shore by Keith Morris on 07-10-2017.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Just Aircraft Super STOL ZK-ZOE First Flight at Whangarei 7-10-2017

Brian Taylor has been very busy test flying sport aircraft at Whangarei recently.  Back on 28 September it was Corby Starlet ZL-LDI and yesterday 10 October it was TechPro Merlin 100 ZK-MEF.  But in between these two aircraft he managed to slot in another test flight:

ZK-ZOE (c/n JA411-09-14) was registered to the J Finlayson and G Metge Partnership of Auckland on 2/8/17, and Brian took it on its first flight on 7/10/17.  Thanks to the Whangarei Flying Club  for the photos.

Despite the Auckland address, ZK-ZOE will be based at Whangarei.  It is all go for sport aircraft in the Far North!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

TechPro Merlin ZK-MEF First Flight at Whangarei Today - 10-10-2017

Gary Eady was on hand at Whangarei today as the TechPro Merlin 100 UL ZK-MEF was test flown by Brian Taylor.

It looks nice with spats fitted.

Thanks again for the photos Gary.

Monday, 9 October 2017

A New Merlin at Whangarei

A New Zealand-new type of microlight was registered today and it's not often that that happens.

TechPro Merlin 100 UL ZK-MEF (c/n MV23) was registered to Allan R Cameron of Mangawhai today, 9/10/17.  The TechPro Merlin is a single seater of all metal construction that comes as a matched hole kitset, but Allan's aircraft was built up in the TechProAviation factory at Olomouc in the Czech Republic and was test flown there before shipment to New Zealand.  It is photo'd above after re-assembly at Whangarei with thanks to Gary Eady for the photo.

The TechPro Merlin dates back to 2011 when the first prototype flew, and kits have been manufactured from 2015.  It has a length of 5.3 metres (17 feet 5 inches), a wingspan of 7.8 metres (25 feet 7 inches) and a wing area of 75.9 square feet.  Empty weight is quoted as 150 Kg (330 pounds) and MAUW is 300 Kg (660 pounds).  Allan's aircraft is fitted with a horizontally opposed twin cylinder four stroke HKS 700E engine which produces 60HP and which will give sparkling performance with a cruise in excess of 100 mph.

The rationale for a single seater is that the vast majority of sport aircraft flights are flown one up, and the savings able to be achieved with the single seater can be put to use to hire a two seater when you need one.

The TechPro Merlin should not be confused with the Glasair Merlin which looks similar but is a two seater of carbon fibre construction.