Friday, 24 November 2017

Yesterdays haul

I had a late start yesterday due to fog lurking over the Christchurch area.
In the Rangiora mists I found the Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-HVG3 (c/n 1077).
This had an ownership change on 01-10-2017 to Murchison Heli Tours Ltd of Murchison.
It has been mentioned several time previously :- Here.
 The only other Flying machine I spotted all day was the Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-EWW (c/n DY057/2004) as listed with the EWW Partnership of Picton.
This was sitting in the noon day sun on the Hanmer strip.
This has also received previous mention HERE.

AutoGyro Calidus ZK-RDC Registered at Tauranga Today

 I photo'd the AutoGyro Calidus gyrocopter ZK-RDC2 at Tauranga on 3 October, however it was not registered until today, 24/11/17.

ZK-RDC2 (c/n 00461) has been registered to the local AutoGyro agents, Aerosport Aviation Ltd of Cambridge.


The first day of a trip around Northland provided a lot of activity on the local aviation scene,  including at Kaipara Flats the Aviat A1B Husky ZK-RBC doing circuits.

Further north at Whangarei there were a couple of rotary types which havent appeared on this Blog before,  comprising another of the growing Skyworks AS350B fleet, ZK-HSS, returning from a spray job,  and locally based Magni Gyro M16 ZK-RCA.

Also out and about was the recently completed Just SuperSTOL ZK-ZOE.

A Couple of other Sport Aircraft at Ardmore - 23-11-2017

As well as the Mynah returning home there were a couple of other sport aircraft at Ardmore yesterday.  Both have been posted before but one is in a slightly revised scheme:

Our original Searey aphibian ZK-REY3 was out in the sun.  It has been owned by Clevedon Aviation Ltd of Papakua (Dave Phillips) since 23/2/11.  I haven't seen it for many years but it is still as it originally appeared in 2001.  This is one of six Seareys that we have had on the New Zealand civil register, as detailed HERE (except for our latest example ZK-SWM).

And in the big hangar was Thorp S 18T ZK-MBY, which is now presumably Ardmore based following its change of ownership to the Thorp Syndicate of Auckland on 7/9/17.  It now has a white trim line and revised registration lettering.  It is one of the eight Thorp T18s/S18s that we have had on the register, as detailed HERE

Thursday, 23 November 2017

McNair Mynah ZK-LOI Home from Taumarunui

Another Auckland International run this morning to pick up No 2 Grandson (don't ask about the traffic!), meant another obligatory visit to Ardmore with coffee and muffin at BP on the way.

I had said that I didn't expect to see much, but when we were there Louis McNair arrived overhead in his Mynah ZK-LOI:

This was the last leg back from the Tiger Club flyin at Taumarunui and today he came from Te Kowhai in 1 hour 10 minutes - that's about the same speed as the D 9.

Taxying in.

And feet back on terra firma.